Free SMS tracker Without Installing on target Phone

free SMS tracker without installing on target phone

Do you want to know the truth? Everyone wants to know the truth but people are not usually honest. Take the power in your hands and find out the truth for yourself. Below are three spy apps that will reveal to you whatever you want to know. They provide free SMS tracker without installing on target phone.


You can install this application without touching the phone you are spying on to help you:

  • Attain instant access to messages on Android and iPhone .
  • Snoop on iMessages at any time.
  • Save the data obtained via SMS through web coding, PDF, or CVS.

Characteristics of Hoverwatch

  • Instant GPS. The feature gives real time tracking of the target smartphone. The app incorporates a very accurate map that assists in route monitoring.
  • Accessibility to recordings. The feature allows you to snoop on all interactions taking place with the target smartphone.
  • Retrievable logs. This feature allows you to track outgoing and incoming phone calls.
  • Restricted incoming calls. Allows you to set a limit for incoming calls.
  • Easily accessible SMS content. Snoop on all sent and incoming text messages.
  • Keylogger. This feature tracks all the information the target person enters, accesses and checks through their phone.
  • Remote monitoring. All the messages, logs, and other information can be accessed via your PC at any time.
  • Quality guarantee. Use the implied money-back guarantee to your advantage.
  • Scheduled monitoring. Snoop on all the scheduled meetings, invitations and other activities included on a phone’s agenda.
  • Checking emails. Spy on emails sent and received on the target phone.
  • Check online behavior. The app lets you check browsing history, ban some sites and see the bookmarks of the target phone.
  • Track modern apps. appmia uses FB spy, Skype spy, Whatsapp spy, iMessanger spy, and Viber spy to snoop on these apps.
  • Bugging. The app makes spying on activities’ history easy.
  • The premium app costs $9 per month for upkeep. Compared to other spy apps, this is the most affordable free SMS tracker without installing on target phone.

free SMS tracker without installing on target phone 2


GuestSpy allows you to:

  • Spy on the Inbox and sent messages of target phone’s SMS.
  • Get all SMS messages uploaded to your GuestSpy app.
  • Get the time and date stamps of every SMS.
  • Get names of all SMS contacts.
  • Read the contents of every SMS.

Characteristics of GuestSpy

  • Social Media Tracking.
  • Stealth Camera. Start the camera to take a discrete photo that is sent to your phone.
  • GPS Tracking. Know the whereabouts of your target at all times.
  • Call Observation. Monitor outgoing and incoming phone calls, time and date of calls, phone number of individual calling or being called.
  • Video and picture monitoring. See videos and photographs taken.
  • Logs. See all the sites that they visit on their phone.
  • Contacts and schedule. Spy on contacts and new calendar entries.
  • Text message. You can track and record SMS text messages.

In addition to being affordable, GuestSpy is also user-friendly and require no special settings. Also, you get free upgrades for life after purchasing the app.

free SMS tracker without installing on target phone 3

TheTruthSpy sms tracker

TheTruthSpy reveals to you the truth about your kids, spouse, coworker and more. The best part about the app is that your target will never find out about the app. They will not suspect a thing. In addition to spying on messages, the app will reveal the target’s location. The app will also allow you to hear the conversations surrounding the target phone by recording the conversations for you.

You don’t have to install the app on the target’s phone, you install on your device. After installation, pair the app with the target’s phone. Pairing is done by calling the target’s phone. A random number will appear on the screen of the target, hence anonymity. Pairing will happen even if the target fails to answer the call. This is one of the most advanced phone surveillance software available.

Below are capabilities of TheTruthSpy:

  • Reading text messages
  • Recording live calls
  • Reading Twitter, Facebook, Skype, BBM, Viber, and Whatsapp messages.
  • Reading emails.
  • GPS tracking
  • Incoming and Outgoing SMS logging
  • Revealing Call History
  • Revealing Call duration
  • Revealing Contact List
  • Sim changing notification
  • Acts as a bug
  • Reveals search and download history
  • It is fully undetectable
  • It is compatible with Blackberry, iPhones, Androids, and Windows.

It is legal to buy, use or sell this software. It is also 100% secure to download. It contains no Trojans or viruses.

Do not stress over what your spouse could be doing behind your back. Do not worry about your competitor’s strategies. Just download any of the above free sms tracker without installing on target phone and you will know it all!