Instagram Parental Controls

instagram logoInstagram is the social network that is growing among teenagers. And that is why Intagram Parental Controls is become very crucial thing. Although it was born as a social network focused on photography, it has evolved towards a much more social format in which users share snapshots of their daily lives, have the possibility of contacting others and thanks to the new functionality that publishes stories that followers can see for 24 hours.

If the teenagers had to choose a single social network, they would surely stay with Instagram, the undisputed favorite of young people, above Facebook and YouTube, and even Snapchat, a social platform for ephemeral videos that is very young and has been tarnished.

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Today, it has been very crucial thing to monitor Instagram, so you can be aware what your child is doing on this social app. If you are in search about Instagram parental controls, you are at the right place.

Reasons for Instagram Parental Control

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No doubts that Instagram is one of the best social sites. Unfortunately, social networks like Instagram are nowadays one of the main ways of harassment among minors. Putting a photo or video in the wrong hands can have serious consequences. And although they do not share it, there are applications with which you can download photos from a profile which is not private. And that is the reason Instagram parental monitoring has become very essential thing.

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Like any other social network for the exchange of graphic material, it lends itself to an irresponsible or unthinking use that can result in a potential danger to the child. Although it is observed that young people use it for everything (to talk about their tastes, their concerns and motivations, and even school issues), there is also a minority that makes a bad job uploading inappropriate photos or failing to the right to privacy or similar.

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Anyone can copy it and paste it somewhere else. Teach them to be responsible for the contents they share with others, even if they are known.

First thing First:

Instagram parental control has become must thing in today’s world. So, if your child asks you to open a profile on Instagram, the first thing that should be clear is that you, the parents, can access the account at all times. From your own account, you can see what is published, but you cannot access, for example to direct messages or to all the photos in which it has been tagged.
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How to Control?

If you have ever raised questions that can you put parental controls on Instagram? And the answer is Yes! There are many Instagram monitoring app and Instagram monitoring tools on the market today. By which Instagram monitoring is possible. Using this app, parental controls Instagram round the clock. In Instagram monitor software, you can access app to monitor Instagram access easily.

These are the precautions that parents should have:

  • Children under 13 should not have any profile on social networks but, in the case of Instagram, their general conditions stipulate 14 years as the minimum age to open an account.
  • Parents should have direct and regular access to the account managed by the child to exercise responsible Instagram parental controls and ensure that the use made by the child does not affect their reputation or privacy.
  • The social profile of children or adolescents must be protected in the privacy settings; that is, closed to strangers, so that only confirmed friends can access the information that the child.
  • There must be consensus rules between the adult and the child on the appropriate use and in children and teenage, parents must have the password in all cases.
  • It is important that parents manage the permissions of time of use since Instagram is a social network that hooks a lot.

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In case of doubt, nothing better than to install Instagram parental control software that keep monitoring Instagram so your child can be protected all the time.