iPhone 8 new features and specifications

iphone 8 features and specifications

The new iPhone 8 is slated to be revealed on September 12th and the new features it brings will make the new advancements in the iOS much stronger and diverse. The iPhone 8 features and specifications have been slowly revealed but with the release slowly approaching more info is released on a consistent basis and showcases features never seen before on an iPhone. Among the features of iPhone 8 mentioned are:

  • 5.8” OLED display
  • wireless charging
  • new iOS 11

The phone is likely to contain many other development and functionality applications that support its use of a new iOS and processor.

iphone 8 specifications

iPhone 8 features within iOS 11

The iPhone 8 features have been slowly released to the public without too much information being released at any one point in time. The features of iPhone 8 revolve around the use of iOS 11 and the new developments that come along with it to add greater support to the already existing iPhone applications. New support is given for

  • Siri
  • voice translation
  • dock located at the bottom of the screen for easy access to all applications

The new iOS supports the use of access tools more common in a phone like handwriting and document scanning. The features of the iPhone 8 running iOS 11 hosts a variety of new tools and settings that is sure to make the phone notable for new advancement in smart phone usability.

iPhone 8 design features

The iPhone 8 features a new design after the same design had been implemented on all iPhone’s since 2014. The display of the iPhone 8 is a 5.8” OLED front on a 2.5D curved display. The screen can display higher contrast ratios and brighter colors for pictures and video playback. The OLED screen is expected to run all across the top of the phone with stainless steel surrounding the outer portion of the screen. Surrounding the casing of the phone is a glass body and support from the stainless steel areas. The phone will also support wireless charging but also is expected to have a connection available for quicker charging.

iPhone 8 A11 Specs

iPhone 8 specifications

The iPhone 8 features and specifications house a large number of improvements from previous models and namely in improvements of its tools and accessories. Included in the iPhone 8 is fingerprint recognition, a dual-lens camera, support for Apple Pencil, and a stainless steel glass body on top of many other new features. The most notable improvement of the iPhone 8 features is the new A11X processor which will make the smartphone perform faster without any change in its battery life. Among other speculated specifications provided by the A11X processor is the support for higher LTE speeds close to 450 Mbps and overall general performance to be faster and stronger up from a general standpoint.

The iPhone 8 features a newer category for improvements regarding its camera and lens use. The front camera is speculated to include a 3D sensor which would improve it’s overall functionality for many different purposes. Not only will the camera be used for photos, as well as use with video applications, but it can also be used for face scanning which enables the user to have lock on their phone. The face scanning tool can be used for security on the phone as well as facial recognition for photos or videos for more accurate and brighter pictures. The rear facing camera is expected to use augmented reality to better catch photos and highlight certain objects.


Among the iPhone 8 new features is the extended storage space. It is speculated that the iPhone 8 will contain a 256GB storage space but it is also rumored a different model will contain a 512GB storage space as well. The storage space for an iPhone has never surpassed the 256GB threshold, so the new improvement could be placed to better serve the functionality of the iOS 11. Near the bottom of the phone it is speculated to house a ID sensor for fingerprinting functionality. Just like face scanning, the ID sensor would place a lock on the phone.

In conclusion, the iPhone 8 features and specifications are priming it to be the most advanced iPhone with improvements to its overall process ability with the iOS 11. The iPhone 8 new features will be officially revealed on September 12 and will be expected to showcase different models, colors, and storage sizes. One thing that is known is that the iPhone 8 features more options and new functionality that is sure to catch a wider audience.