iPhone 8 Tips and Tricks

iphone 8 tips and tricks

The date of pre-order session is closing in and it’s pretty  clear that you are interested in how to maximize your iPhone 8 to the fullest and here we present iPhone 8 tips and tricks!

As most have probably known, the iPhone 8 is coming out with iOS 11 installed. Not to mention the phone itself comes with quite a redesign.

Here are some iPhone 8 tips that you should know:

1. Smart Invert

The new iOS 11 on your new iPhone 8 has a bright clean look on its screen. So bright that it might hurt your eyes, so if you feel like switching to something more civilized:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > Smart Invert

Don’t worry, it’s not a negative effect on your screen that turns everything into ghost detector. All you pages, pictures and videos will play normally. It simply turns most od the background color to dark color.

2. Type for Siri

It’s probably a problem for some and source of joke for others. No matter how good is our pronunciation sometimes, Siri just refuses to listen and make a joke out of us. On other case, you’re just too embarrassed to scream for it in public. This is how to send Siri a text instead:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri.

Now you can chat her.

3. The Right Frame for Live Photos

The Live Photos feature is awesome, we take multiple photos in second, capturing important moments in pictures, but then, the cover photo is not right. But, fear not, iPhone 8 tricks has included the feature to let you choose the right key photo by sliding through the pictures and tap Make Key Photo.

4. Multiple Windows

And here is probably one of the most useful iPhone 8 tips you can get: multitasking. The iOS 11 makes it possible for you to operate on another app while maintaining the current app on. Simply drag the app to the side of the screen and it will pop up in a smaller window.

5. Message to iCloud

Once you’ve synced your messages to iCloud, you can upload your text messages data and save up some space from the attachments. Here’s how:

Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud

That’s not the only benefit. The cloud-based system allows you to delete messages from all your apple devices, a pretty useful iPhone 8 tips on iOS 11.

6. You can Tap to Shut Down

Possibly also of the most useful iPhone 8 tricks and should’ve been invented earlier is the method to turn off your phone by tapping. Yes, it’s been made possible through iOS 11 by:

Settings > General > Shut Down

Simple, but very useful in various situations, such as when your button is just not working.

7. FaceTime Block

During FaceTime you can actually take a photo without your partner knowing and what worries us is that they can also take a photo without us knowing.

If you have privacy issues after knowing this, go to:

Settings > FaceTime > FaceTime Live Photos

And there you block it. Yes, you can still screenshot your

iPhone 8 Tips and Tricks conclusion

These are some useful iPhone 8 tips and tricks you can use to enjoy your new phone to the fullest! These iPhone 8 tips are meant for iOS 11, so a different iOS might not work. To know more about brand new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 10 please visit Apple official .