mSpy Reviews – All you need to know before buying

Cell phone spy softwares are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after mobile spying programs today. With the advent of technology, cell phones have become so much advanced and new features are added to them all the time. Unfortunately, with the ever changing technology, comes the risk of suspicious mistrust & infidelity. To cater to these types of issues, there arises a need of a monitoring tool or spy software that can help track all the activities.

So if you are a concerned parent about your child’s activities & exposure to many distractions or a company sales manager who would like to keep track of sales, person’s activities on company’s phone or a suspicious spouse or husband who just want to be updated about doubtful things on partner’s phone, then mSpy mobile spy app is for you. I described all advantages, pros and cons of this mobile spying app in my mspy review bellow.

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What exactly is mSpy software/app?

According to all mSpy reviews, mSpy is a top-rated monitoring software application that is downloaded and installed on the target person’s mobile phone. Being the global leader in monitoring solutions provider, m Spy allows you to easily monitor the phone’s text messages, call history, browsing history, emails, GPS locations, photos, videos, instant messengers and more on other person’s phone, from your secure web-based account. After installation and mspy login, it runs silently in the background without the other person knowing this and records all activities on
the phone. Once done, the recorded activities are then sent to your account which you can view through your mSpy login from any computer or a mobile device. Simply putting, the mspy app allows you to keep a watch on somebody well-known to you without the knowledge of other person.

Being the most popular & widely used spy program across the globe, mSpy apps are available for major smartphones running on iOS & Android devices along with softwares versions for Windows & Mac systems. It is the best smartphone tracking software & application available in the market, which has taken the level of snooping to another level.

mspy login review

mSpy free trial. How mSpy works & what is the installation process?

To use the software or application, the first step to proceed ahead is to subscribe to m spy basic or premium packages, available in time duration of monthly, quarterly and yearly. Of course, they do offer the 7 day free trial with the flexibility of subscription cancellation as per your needs. So you can try mspy free trial, download mSpy for free and only then make a decision.

Once you’ve successfully subscribed to mSpy plan, you will be provided with login credentials to your account. The next step is to download the application (mspy has free download for trial period) and install it on the other person’s phone or personal computer. The comprehensive installation instructions are also available which will guide you throughout the installation process.

After installation, the mSpy application immediately starts tracking & monitoring other person’s smartphone or computer and runs quietly in the background, in invisible mode, without the knowledge of the person &so they won’t know that their activities are being monitored. The application will track activities like real-time GPS locations, calls, emails, Instant messenger chats, text messages, photos & videos, internet surfing history, keylogger and many other. The tracked information can be monitored later through your account. With 24/7 technical support available, you can contact them anytime if you are facing difficulties in running or installing the application. You can find really huge amount of positive mspy reviews and feedbacks about amazing support team.

When you need mSpy? Why are you looking for mSpy review ?

If any of the below questions always keep lingering on your mind, then it’s time to get the mSpy software:

  • Why are you looking for mspy review and interested in mobile spy apps?
  • Does your husband, spouse or dating partner, constantly give you excuses for staying late at the office & behaves suspiciously?
  • What your children do after they close their bedroom doors?
  • How to know if employees are not wasting their time watching videos on company mobile phones during office hours?

These are not just the questions but the feelings that come from a suspicious activity and the fear of not knowing. With such an increased level of concern, it is appropriate that you find out the truth as soon as possible so in case if there is an issue, you can take the immediate action to stop or avert a situation. However, if there is no issue, then you have no reason to be concerned or anxious. So the question is how to come up with the real proof to confront the individual and take appropriate action? The answer is very simple: get mSpy application installed and feel a sigh of relief.

mSpy features

mspy review features

One of the most user-friendly mobile and computer spy software application, mSpy has evolved from time-to-time and comes with some of the highly advanced features that you should look out for in my mspy review: Here’s a quick round-up of what the app can do:

  • GPS Tracking: Track the exact location of the monitored phone through comprehensive GPS tracking feature.
  • Read Messages: Read the incoming and outgoing text messages from user’s phone even if they are deleted from the phone.
  • Monitor Calls: Get to know the complete details of incoming and outgoing calls in history.
  • Restrict Incoming Calls: Put restriction on incoming calls from specific numbers.
  • Check Emails: Read both incoming and outgoing emails.
  • See Photos & Videos: Get access to all the photos and videos on their phone by logging to your user account.
  • Monitor Internet Surfing: Gather more information on various visited websites along with their complete URLs.
  • Track Chats & Instant Messengers: Get hold on the popular chat and IM applications like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, LINE, SnapChat & many more.
  • Check Calendars & Address Books: Get access to various event entries in calendar and information about user’s in the phone address book.
  • Keylogging: Record every keystroke executed on a mobile or a computer. This unique feature is available only on Android devices, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Block Websites/Apps: You can completely block the suspicious websites from opening or apps being installed on mobile phone.
  • Unlimited Device Option: You can install the app or software on one device or computer but you can change the target device anytime without buying the new subscription plan.
  • 100% Stealth Mode: The mspy software does not let anyone know that it has been installed on their phone or computer & works as invisible in the background.
  • No Jailbreak Required: They have just released the non-jailbreak version for iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • Tinder Tracker: Tinder as we all know is the most popular dating apps by youngsters. So now you can also track whether your child is misusing the app.
  • Uninstall Alert: This is very helpful if the app is uninstalled from target device.

How much does it cost? Can I find mSpy free download or mSpy free trial?

If you want to try application first, then you can go for mSpy free trial for 7 days & then upgrade. The subscription plans of mSpy application are divided into two categories:

1. Basic Plan

2. Premium Plan

The basic plan comes with standard tracking features like plain Text messages, Phone call logs, Browsed Web history, GPS location tracking etc. whereas the premium plan comes with all other advanced features. Here’s the subscription plan pricing available with duration of one month, three months & yearly:

  • Basic Plan (1 month) – $29.99
  • Basic Plan (3 months) – $59.99
  • Basic Plan (12 months) – $99.99
  • Premium Plan (1 month) – $69.99
  • Premium Plan (3 months) – $119.99
  • Premium Plan (12 months) – $199.99

mSpy review – Final take:

mSpy is undoubtedly the best mobile phone spy software available in the market today. It’s a must have app for anyone who feels the need to monitor their loved ones and employees. Not only this, but the application providers are the global leaders in the industry and offers live customer support – which is commendable as very few companies offer this in mobile phone spy software industry. After getting such comprehensive information about the application, you must be wondering as where to find the mSpy reviews. Don’t look any further for mSpy reviews as I personally recommend it.

I am sure that this comprehensive mSpy review for iPhone & Android app will give you proper guidance regarding the monitoring app.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now & you too can share your mSpy reviews with us!