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the one spy review

The One Spy is among the best and most effective spying apps available in the market. Apart from having practical features, I was attracted by its easy to use dashboard which make it to navigate through. Irrespective of which device you want to keep track of, be it your employee’s phone, family member or child’s device, TheOneSpy is ultimately the the best option to help get a clear image of the information being shared or accessed through the device. Unlike other apps from reviews which provide you with superficial view, onespy offers adequate data enabling make accurate interpretation of the situation.

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The One Spy has several features wich are mentioned in every The One Spy review and a user friendly dashboard which allows to check what’s happening on the target device. In addition to all common option among other services such as call logs, SMS messages or images viewing; the one spy app is loaded with more advanced features such as Mic Bugging – that allows listening of the what’s happening in the surrounding of the target device, GPS tracking, monitoring of several social media platforms such as Facebook Messgener, WhatsApp, Skype, and Vibe. It also allows you to listen to all voice calls made through the target device which are recorded by default. It also enables you to send SMS messages remotely from the target phone and I found from other the one spy reviews that this feature works nice. This can be very helpful when you intent to coax certain information from someone or clear suspicion about a certain number.

The One Spy App has the ability to send commands to the target device remotely which makes it easy for you to accomplish several feats such as recording the surrounding or deleting the app from the device without the user noticing. As you see from the one spy reviews, to delete onespy app, you simply need to send a command to the device through SMS message; for instant, by sending “..dead” to the device, the one spy app will be deleted. Another exciting feature I want mention in my review about the one spy is tracking and recording events when the device is not connected to the internet, and uploading them once the internet connection is established. This ensure you don’t miss out on any events which may occur when the device has no access to internet. The app offers large storage space of up to 500gb with option to expand making it possible for you literally access all information you need. However, its important to allow reasonable delay of about 15 minutes after which the events should be uploaded after the connection is established to avoid the user suspicion as its likely to drain battery faster if the events are large. OneSpy is higly encrypted through AES/PKI Encryption which prevents attacks or access of your data by another person.

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My review Pros

The main advantage of one spy is that its totally hidden from the list of the apps making it hard for one to notice is being monitored. The app send notification ones the device is in prohibited area making it possible to take the necessary action in time. Personally, i also find one spy useful in my review as it can easily alert someone in case you are in danger as it records the surrounding.


The main shortcoming according to several reviews is that you can only monitor from one device as the one spy does not allow multi – device support. This means if you want to change your gadget to re-install in the new gadget.

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Compatibility and Installation

The One Spy is compatible to iPhone, Android devices and BlackBerry. However, for installation in iPhone jailbreaking is required which can be a challenge if you are not a tech savvy; but its possible to install if you follow the instructions. Android and BlackBerry users need not to worry as its easy to install.


The pricing is either monthly or yearly, with the monthly package being relatively high as compared to the yearly packages across all devices. Just like most the one spy reviews, i would recommend yearly package as they are offering substantial savings.